Applied Research and Statistics

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Applied research projects in industry and in higher education are typically structured around a research approach that includes a topic, problem statement, research questions, hypotheses, statistical testing, and analysis of the results. Quantitative, case study, and mixed methods research approaches typically follow this scientific method for research. 

The purpose of this module is to teach the scientific methodology for applied research and the use of statistics for hypothesis testing. Program also qualifies for 2 PDCs with the Wyoming Professional Teacher Standards Board (PTSB).

  1. Understand the types of applied research and the use of statistics in applied research.
  2. Know how to use a data analysis tool pack and add-ons in Excel.
  3. Know how to use the basic functions in Excel.
  4. Know the basic statistical terminology.
  5. Calculate and report descriptive statistics for a data set.
  6. Select the right inferential statistical test.
  7. Understand the meaning of the term significance.
  8. Use a statistical table.
  9. Create a problem statement based on a research topic.
  10. Create a hypothesis pair based on the problem statement.
  11. Perform a Chi-square test.
  12. Perform a Spearman’s Rank Correlation test.
  13. Perform a t-Test.
  14. Perform an ANOVA test.
  15. Perform a MANOVA test.
  16. Perform a Regression test. 
  • Integrate into a research methodology and statistics course.
  • Academic leveling for learners who may not have adequate preparation for advanced studies in statistics or analytics.
  • Develop skill sets of working professionals.
  • Professional development for continuing education or refresher of skills.

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