Career Management

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Career management is the combination of structured planning and the active management choice of one's own professional career.

Career management was first defined in a social work doctoral thesis by Mary Valentich as the implementation of a career strategy through application of career tactics in relation to chosen career orientation.

Career orientation referred to the overall design or pattern of one's career, shaped by particular goals and interests and identifiable by particular positions that embody these goals and interests.

Career strategy pertains to the individual's general approach to the realization of career goals, and to the specificity of the goals themselves.

The purpose of this module is to develop the learner’s understandings, knowledge, actions, and skills for career management.

  1. Define career management.
  2. Develop a personal strategy for a career management mindset.
  3. Evaluate personal accountability and responsibility as important skills for career management.
  4. Recognize how to avoid workplace pitfalls.
  5. Describe the employer’s perspective and expectations on career management.
  6. Determine how to make informed career decisions.
  7. Discuss succession planning from an employer’s perspective.
  8. Explain employer branding and the employee’s role in supporting that brand. 

• Integrate in course or program on human resource management.

• Include as a resource in career center or library.

• Professional development for continuing education or refresher of skills.

• Develop skill sets of working professionals

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