Succession Planning and Talent Management

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Succession planning is a process for identifying and developing new leaders who can replace other leaders when they are promoted, leave, retire, or otherwise become unable to continue in their current role.

Succession planning increases the availability of experienced and capable employees that are prepared to assume these roles as they become available. Succession planning enables the organization to plan for changes in personnel to ensure seamless transitions.

Succession planning helps the organization prepare for all contingencies by preparing high-potential employees for advancement.

The purpose of this module is to help the learner build an actionable succession plan for their organization.

The module presents a step-by-step process for creating a manageable succession plan. It has an estimated completion time of 25 hours.

  1. Define succession planning.
  2. Understand the importance of succession planning.
  3. Develop the rationale for a succession plan for an organization.
  4. Know the responsibilities and duties in succession planning.
  5. Develop a key position chart.
  6. Develop career planning goals.
  7. Write position descriptions.
  8. Develop a coaching and mentoring plan for key employees.
  9. Manage a succession plan.
  10. Communicate a succession plan. 

The Leading Edge Learning® modules are created specifically for today’s learners who demand interaction and engagement with online learning opportunities. Sequential presentation of largely static content in page-after-page delivery is not the best delivery experience for adult learners.

This module can be used for both Higher Education and Business & Industry. For example:

Higher Education - Include within a course on organizational development, human resource management, succession planning, or organizational staffing.

Business, Industry, Nonprofits, & Agencies - Use the module to develop a succession plan for the organization. 

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