Workplace Compliance and Safety

This item includes access to view the eighth installment of the Your Bridge to Supervision series: Workplace Compliance and Safety on August 19th, 2021, as well as the content for the module Supervision: Workplace Compliance and Safety.

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The job of a supervisor is to accomplish established goals – legally, ethically, and safely. Workforce compliance ensures your team understands and follows all laws, company policies, and regulations that apply to daily job responsibilities.

The main idea behind workplace compliance is to create a safe, respectful workplace and avoid compliance violations. Workplace compliance is an essential part of your operations, regardless of industry. Compliance violations can result in fines, penalties, lawsuits, loss of reputation, turnover, and to keep yourself from learning the lesson the hard way. It is about creating an environment where employees can thrive.

The purpose of this module is to review several important federal acts related to workplace compliance and discuss the role of the supervisor in workplace safety.

  1. Discuss compliance with ADA.
  2. Discuss compliance with FMLA.
  3. Discuss the requirements of EEO.
  4. Discuss the role of the EEOC.
  5. Discuss the requirements of AAP.
  6. Discuss the requirements of HIPAA.
  7. Know what discrimination and harassment are and your responsibilities towards discrimination and harassment situations.
  8. Value diversity as a workplace multiplier for your organization.
  9. Discuss the legal requirements for reporting and preventing sexual harassment.
  10. Discuss the issues concerning romance in the workplace.
  11. Describe the issues of substance abuse in the workplace.
  12. Manage a safe workplace environment.
  13. Know and apply your company’s policies concerning substance abuse in the workplace. 

The Leading Edge Learning® modules are created specifically for today’s learners who demand interaction and engagement with online learning opportunities. Sequential presentation of largely static content in page-after-page delivery is not the best delivery experience for adult learners.

This module can be used for both Higher Education and Business & Industry. For example:

Higher Education - Teach the values and attributes of leadership, incorporate in a human resource management program, incorporate in a personnel management program, and learn how to define diversity and inclusion.

Business, Industry, Nonprofits, & Agencies - Make the transition to supervisor, new manager orientation to leadership and business operations, use as a refresher course for leaders, and use as a refresher on legal protections and accommodations in the workplace.

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