Your Bridge to Supervision - Package

Brought to you by Peregrine Pathways, you will receive access to 12 engaging online courses and corresponding 90-minute on-demand seminars focused on application and hosted by our leadership experts.

$ 699.00


Learner Hours: 80 | SHRM Credits: 60

Be the type of leader that inspires and motivates. Leadership is about earning trust and respect through modeled behaviors. One of the most challenging transitions in one’s leadership journey is when a person becomes directly in charge of others – the supervisor.

Whether you are beginning your journey into leadership or are part way through, this program will give you the tools and confidence to build upon your existing skills and become the kind of supervisor you wish you had.

• Leadership values and attributes.

• Organizational structure and effectiveness.

• Principles of HR and financial management.

• Strategies for communication.

• Leadership styles and personality types.

• Techniques for delegating, directing, and managing time.

• How to lead various teams.

• How to deal with employee performance issues.

√ Supervisors and managers.

√ Those interested in making the transition to a supervisory role.

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