Mastering the Hybrid Workplace

$ 149.00


Learner Hours: 15 | 15 SHRM Credits 

The sudden surge in remote work in response to the global pandemic will likely have a long-term impact on our workforce and how organizations operate. In the process of transitioning to a work-from-home environment, we have discovered a lot of challenges and pitfalls along the way. Some found the challenges associated with leading a virtual team. Others missed the connection they found during in-person meetings. Many struggled to maintain healthy boundaries which resulted in poor work-life balance.  

Today, we see more and more employers transitioning to a hybrid workplace that provides a mix of in the office and in our homes. Mastering the Hybrid Workplace will provide you with the knowledge, skills, and practices you need to be a team player, lead others, maintain a healthy work/life balance, and maximize productivity while working from home.  

Brought to you by Peregrine Pathways, you will receive access to an engaging online course and a 90-minute on-demand seminar focused on application and hosted by our leadership experts.

  • How to create a productive home-office workplace. 

  • Work-life integration as a remote employee, what common pitfalls to avoid and tips to keep you successful. 

  • Time and project management tips in a remote workplace environment. 

  • Employer expectations of remote employees. 

  • How to effectively communicate as a remote employee. 

  • How to increase collaboration with your remote colleagues. 

  • Remote or hybrid employees who need best practices to successfully work from home. 

  • Remote or hybrid supervisors and managers who want to learn how to best support their team virtually. 

  • HR managers who want a better understanding of the benefits and potential pitfalls of remote teams. 

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