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Title: Understanding Leadership

Module: Supervision: Understanding Leadership

Leadership is about earning trust and respect through modeled behaviors and actions.  

Leaders must recognize the value that employees bring to the organization, harness their potential, and guide them towards achieving a well-communicated vision.

Leadership is a team effort that involves more than just faithful followers, but also includes your peers and superiors within a collaborative environment of continuous improvement, growth, and change.  

This seminar and module will teach the values, skills, and actions associated with supervision and being a leader. Learners can use what is learned to develop their own leadership skills.

Title: Supervisor Transitions

Module: Supervision: Supervisor Transitions

Companies, agencies, and businesses are dynamic entities that exist for specific purposes, typically to provide goods and services to others. Structure implies how the organization is specifically shaped to best provide those goods and services. 

Understanding organizational structure, and the basics of business finance and human resource management, will support a successful transition to leadership.  

This seminar and module will teach the values, skills, and actions associated with the transition to becoming a supervisor and being a leader. 

Title: Supervisor Communications and Ethics

Module: Supervision: Supervisor Communications and Ethics

Communication is a critical leadership competency. As a supervisor or manager, you and your messages are constantly being received, evaluated, and reviewed by your team. How you make ethical decisions establishes your team’s culture and conduct.

Developing solid communications skills takes effort, practice, and active learning. Modeling good ethical behavior requires a decision-making framework.

The purpose of this seminar and module is to discuss the various types of communication media, the communication network, communication barriers, active listening, and the use of both electronic communication tools and nonverbal communication impacts.

Title: Preparing for the Supervisory Challenge

Module: Supervision: Preparing for the Supervisory Challenge

Many factors are related to your success as a supervisor. The factors addressed in this module include understanding your personality type, the different leadership styles, time management, and how to deal with stress. Developing your skills and knowledge related to these areas will help you become a more effective supervisor, ready for the supervisory challenges that lie ahead.

This seminar and module is well suited for anyone new to supervision or new supervisors needing an extra level of education and training to complete the supervisory leadership transition. 

Title: Supervising Your Team

Module: Supervision: Supervising Your Team

When you supervise a team, you assign tasks, and you monitor and control the execution closely. While employees are responsible for completing the tasks, the supervisor is accountable for maintaining safety and upholding standards. A leadership approach works well when the team has the skills and knowledge to complete job tasks without much guidance.

When supervising a team, daily operations include scheduling resources to get work done. Because you focus on short-term goals, you identify opportunities to reduce costs. Leaders focus on planning, communicating, and motivating the team, but delegate specific activities to subordinates.

This seminar and module will examine areas related to supervising a team and is recommended for anyone new to supervision. 

Title: Solving Team Performance Issues

Module: Supervision: Solving Team Performance

Teamwork makes the dream work. It is a cliché, but we all want to head into the workplace every day knowing we can work effectively with our teams to meet organizational goals. Despite best efforts and intentions, things happen that impact team performance. As a supervisor, you find yourself the person responsible for solving these performance issues and getting the team back on track.  

This seminar and module aim to describe and discuss issues related to team performance, including communication issues, team conflict, engagement, and morale. Practical and proven strategies are presented to help the supervisor get the team back on track.

Title: Developing Your Team

Module: Supervision: Developing Your Team

Your teams' success equates to yours. Your ability to inspire and develop people is critical to your own future. The higher you climb up the leadership ladder, the more you depend on others' success and strengths to achieve key objectives and goals. Whether you are on-boarding entry-level hires or working with a long-standing team, there are essential measures that supervisors of all experience levels can use to develop a strong, cohesive team.

This module examines several ways that supervisors develop their teams, including teaching/training, coaching/mentoring, motivating/inspiring, and valuing the generational diversity that exists within most teams.

This seminar and module will teach the values, skills, and actions associated with supervision and being a leader.

Title: Workplace Compliance and Safety

Module: Supervision: Workplace Compliance and Safety

The job of a supervisor is to accomplish established goals – legally, ethically, and safely. Workforce compliance ensures your team understands and follows all laws, company policies, and regulations that apply to daily job responsibilities.

The main idea behind workplace compliance is to create a safe, respectful workplace and avoid compliance violations. Workplace compliance is an essential part of your operations, regardless of industry. Compliance violations can result in fines, penalties, lawsuits, loss of reputation, turnover, and to keep yourself from learning the lesson the hard way. It is about creating an environment where employees can thrive.

The purpose of this seminar and module is to review several important federal acts related to workplace compliance and discuss the role of the supervisor in workplace safety.

Title: Planning and Organizing

Module: Supervision: Planning and Organizing

Supervisors frequently offer two reasons for not planning as much as they should. The first is lack of time, and the other is the supervisor’s tendency to take immediate action when something goes wrong or when the unexpected happens. In crises, most supervisors feel more comfortable doing something about it before thinking and planning how to deal with it.

Unfortunately, this often leads to further crises, as supervisors find themselves fixing one dilemma while hurrying on to the next. Caught in this stressful cycle, they quickly use up one of their most precious resources: time.

This seminar and module aim to show how to become better organized, more efficient, and stop wasting valuable time. Learn how to develop better plans to achieve goals and be more successful. By learning to plan and manage work successfully, supervisors will have fewer crises, lower stress levels, and more productive employees.

Title: Ethics and Stakeholder Engagement

Module: Supervision: Understanding Ethics and Stakeholder Engagement

Workplace ethics refer to the culture and the moral principles that guide actions both inside and outside the organization. It also refers to how employees conduct themselves within the workplace. This refers to how a company conducts business, interacts with others internally and externally, and treats suppliers and customers. 

Ethical workplaces model behavior and determine what actions are right and wrong. Ethics has a significant role in customer relations, both internally and externally. More broadly, ethics defines the relations you have with all stakeholders.

The purpose of this seminar and module is to develop the supervisor’s ethical skills and actions from a customer perspective. Such skills and actions will develop a quality-based mindset and culture that does things right, all the time.

Title: Leading Your Team Through Change

Module: Supervision: Leading Your Team Through Change

The prospect of change can be daunting, but the process does not have to be painful if managed correctly. In today’s fast-paced society, the difference between success and failure can lie in a team’s ability to adapt and change.

Fail to grow your team and adjust to new ways of thinking, and your team will stagnate and die. Change is not an option but a prerequisite for success. Leading change effectively is essential for the development of your team and your organization. It is also how you build sustainability and resiliency.

To successfully lead a team through change, supervisors must plan, communicate, organize, delegate, manage expectations, and hold their team members accountable.

This seminar and module will focus on the need for change, the barriers to change, the communications of change, and change leadership.

Title: Continuous Quality Improvement

Module: Supervision: Continuous Quality Improvement

Continuous quality improvement (CQI) is a quality management philosophy that encourages all team members to continuously ask what can be done better. CQI builds on existing quality management approaches such as TQM, Lean, and Six Sigma, and emphasizes that problems are caused by processes, not people. 

Although CQI focuses on people, data drive the search for problems and captures improvements. A continuous quality improvement program aims to ensure that all team members, employees, managers, and other stakeholders feel consistently empowered to improve efforts and results.

The purpose of this seminar and module is to provide supervisors with a reference for continuous quality improvement.  By understanding the continuous improvement process, knowing the tools available to you for your work, and employing sound team procedures, you and your team will be able to contribute to continuous quality improvement.  

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