General Education

A nationally normed, summative assessment services for General Education (GEN ED) academic requirements that are used for internal and external programmatic evaluation.


Listed for purchase are generic exams without any customization for a specific program assessment and include all 31 General Education topics. University officials can customize an exam through topic selection, usually by selecting 8-12 topics, or by adding their own topics. 

Topics Included in this exam: Art/Music Appreciation, Ethics, Logic/Critical Thinking, Pop Culture, Film, and Media, US History, World History/Civilizations, World Religions/World Cultures, Interpersonal Communications, Speech, American Literature/World Literature, English/English Composition, Applied Calculus/Business Calculus, College Algebra, Mathematics/Applied Mathematics, Statistical Concepts, Biology/Microbiology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Environmental Science, Microbiology, Science in Society, Scientific Process, Cultural Anthropology/Sociology, Economics, General Psychology, Political Science, US Federal/American Government, World Civilization, Computer Science, General Software Applications, Technology Systems

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