General Education


Listed for purchase are generic exams without any customization for a specific program assessment and include all 31 General Education topics. University officials can customize an exam through topic selection, usually by selecting 8-12 topics, or by adding their own topics. 

Topics Included in this exam: Art/Music Appreciation, Ethics, Logic/Critical Thinking, Pop Culture, Film, and Media, US History, World History/Civilizations, World Religions/World Cultures, Interpersonal Communications, Speech, American Literature/World Literature, English/English Composition, Applied Calculus/Business Calculus, College Algebra, Mathematics/Applied Mathematics, Statistical Concepts, Biology/Microbiology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Environmental Science, Microbiology, Science in Society, Scientific Process, Cultural Anthropology/Sociology, Economics, General Psychology, Political Science, US Federal/American Government, World Civilization, Computer Science, General Software Applications, Technology Systems

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