Accounting Fundamentals

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This module helps learners understand the foundations and fundamentals of business accounting, including basic financial statement analysis, analytical measures, corporate annual reports, capital investment analysis, internal controls, budgeting, and performance measures. 

This module is particularly well-suited for someone needing a comprehensive overview of the business accounting function.

  1. Describe basic financial statement analytical procedures.
  2. Apply financial statement analysis to assess the solvency of a business.
  3. Apply financial statement analysis to assess the profitability of a business.
  4. Summarize the uses and limitations of analytical measures.
  5. Describe the contents of corporate annual reports.
  6. Explain the nature and importance of capital investment analysis.
  7. Evaluate capital investment proposals using the following methods: average rate of return, cash payback, net present value, and internal rate of return.
  8. Describe factors that complicate capital investment analysis.
  9. Explain the capital rationing process.
  10. Describe the basic elements of a financial accounting system.
  11. Summarize transactions for a corporation’s first period of operations.
  12. Summarize transactions for a corporation’s second period of operations.
  13. Describe the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 and its impact on internal controls and financial reporting.
  14. Explain the objectives and elements of internal control.
  15. Explain the use of a bank reconciliation in controlling cash.
  16. Describe the nature and objectives of budgeting.
  17. Describe the master budget for a manufacturing business.
  18. Explain how standards are used in budgeting.
  19. Interpret the basic variances for direct materials and direct labor.
  20. Describe examples of nonfinancial performance measures.

The Leading Edge Learning® modules are created specifically for today’s learners who demand interaction and engagement with online learning opportunities. Sequential presentation of largely static content in page-after-page delivery is not the best delivery experience for adult learners.

This module can be used for both Higher Education and Business & Industry. For example:

Higher Education - Include the module in an undergraduate course on accounting and finance. As an education module within a graduate program that includes accounting, finance, or business management. Help prepare students for professional certification exams. Include in an academic leveling program. 

Business, Industry, Nonprofits, & Agencies - Helping new supervisors and managers with developing business management skills. As a staff refresher on the fundamentals of accounting and business. To help organizations accurately prepare financial accounts.

Pricing is based on number of learner hours and the annual expected quantities. Modules are sold individually and in course packs. Contact us to develop a customized solution that works for your specific requirements.

The quantity-based pricing of this module is as follows:

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500+ Learners per Year - $39 per Learner

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