Global Dimensions of Business

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Nearly every business today, large and small, has global relevancy. Leaders at all levels need to understand how a business can be global and gain a broader competitive advantage.

In this module, you will learn about strategizing in an international context, managing and leading within a global environment, multinational strategies and structures, foreign market entry, and becoming a savvy global strategist.

  1. Explain global perspectives on markets and products.
  2. Describe the components of global thinking.
  3. Understand the considerations of industry, resource, and institutions on global markets.
  4. Identify what determines the success or failure of firms around the globe.
  5. Define institutional structures and leadership in global terms.
  6. Recognize the impact of cultures and management styles on MNEs.
  7. Review the importance of global thinking and planning as a foundation for firm growth.
  8. Apply global strategies to business decisions.
  9. Recognize the significance of a multi-pronged approach to planning and executing good business practices in the global business world.
  10. Explain the necessity to overcome the liability of foreignness.
  11. Review the comprehensive model of foreign market entries.
  12. Describe the quest for location-specific advantages with strategic goals.
  13. Recognize first and late mover advantages.
  14. Describe specific steps for foreign market entries.
  15. Explain product diversification and geographic diversification.
  16. Review the comprehensive model of diversification.
  17. Describe the motives and performance of acquisitions.
  18. Understand the impact of restructuring. 

The Leading Edge Learning® modules are created specifically for today’s learners who demand interaction and engagement with online learning opportunities. Sequential presentation of largely static content in page-after-page delivery is not the best delivery experience for adult learners.

This module can be used for both Higher Education and Business & Industry. For example:

Higher Education - Review module in a business and business-related capstone course. Use as a module within an academic leveling program. 

Business, Industry, Nonprofits, & Agencies - Teach international operations, organizational structures, and business operations.

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