Emotional Intelligence: Leading with Self-Awareness

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Emotions are the invisible hero of both success and failure in the workplace. It is up to you how emotions will influence your creativity, ability to achieve goals, and quality of your work. Emotional Intelligence (EI) is a master skill that can be learned and developed.

Higher emotional intelligence in a crisis will balance mental and emotional resilience that positively impacts employee performance.

This module gets right to the heart of emotional intelligence in the workplace, examines and explains its importance, and through a collection of science-based emotional intelligence exercises, provides practical tools for helping yourself and others.

  1. Understand and apply the principles of emotional intelligence at the workplace.
  2. Recognize the impact of workplace emotions and how leaders can benefit from emotional intelligence.
  3. Know the mechanism of building new neural structures and networks.
  4. Learn how to assess and increase levels of your own emotional intelligence.
  5. Understand how to manage your own emotions more effectively at work.
  6. Learn how to make better decisions in the workplace by navigating thoughts and emotions intentionally.
  7. Fundamentally understand the link between your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and behaviors.
  8. Learn how to stop getting sucked into other people’s negative emotions.
  9. Stop your emotions from escalating by knowing what triggers you.
  10. Discover how to take control of your own relationships at work and how to create beneficial partnerships.
  11. Discover ways of working with emotional intelligence that to drive your team to outstanding performance.
  12. Explain non-verbal and verbal communication in the workplace.
  13. Develop true empathy, which will increase your influence and the ability to be more supportive.
  14. Communicate your needs and emotions, listen effectively, and improve the quality of your relationships.
  15. Handle others’ emotional states.
  16. Use science-based positive psychology exercises and techniques in the workplace.

The Leading Edge Learning® modules are created specifically for today’s learners who demand interaction and engagement with online learning opportunities. Sequential presentation of largely static content in page-after-page delivery is not the best delivery experience for adult learners.

This module can be used for both Higher Education and in the Business Industry. For example:

Higher Education - Use within a career readiness program. Graduate study on emotional intelligence. 

Business, Industry, Nonprofits, & Agencies - Teach emotional intelligence to employees.

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